My Story

Over 15 years in the industry

In our lives we wear a lot of hats…

I am a Makeup Artist, Photographer, Hair stylist, Event Organiser and YouTuber

I am also a Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Best friend, and first of all a Human

When I was 15, I become an artist with a strong vision of success. I was performing in a theatre and working for one of the biggest film agencies in Czech Republic. I was also active as a model and attended a lot of beauty contests. At the age of 19, I started my career as a self-employee, worked in the financial sector where I learnt a lot about business and started my own company at the age of 21. The business was growing successfully with all my excitement and care of my employees. Later my business reached customers in 8 countries in Europe. Once I done a business trip to Australia, I fell in love with the country and have decided to continue my career here. I am in Australia since 2015 and successfully running my makeup and photography business. I love what I do and I am very passionate about meeting new people, making them feel beautiful and capturing the best version of themselves.

Wedding photographer Darwin

Wedding packages will melt your heart and bring tears of happiness into your eyes. Stunning pictures of your big day with delicate edit will be a great decoration for your house and will keep your happy memories for a lifetime.

Boudoir Photography Darwin NT
Boudoir Package

Boudoir photography will bring self love and confidence in your everyday life. With makeup and hair done by a beauty expert you will find the best version of yourself. Pictures are widely used as a present for your partner or as a bedroom decor.

Maternity Photography Darwin NT
Maternity Photography Package

Maternity is time, when your body goes through a lot of changes and feels very vonurable at times. That is why is so important to make you feel comfortable. I am warm and friendly photographer who understand the challenges and want to give you the best experience possible. I leave you to choose your favorite location and pick the right dress so you feel relaxed and beautiful.

Family Photography Package Darwin NT
Family Photography Package

There is nothing more important than family. Kids are growing up way too fast and our parents are a precious gift to have. Spending time with our loved ones fill up our hearts and lift the soul. Having a beautiful quality portrait became precious especially when we can't spend time with them no more. Time can't be kept still but pictures have the power.

Business Photography Darwin NT
Business Photography Package

First impression is very important. Now more than ever. Genuine and professional impression usually lead to better marketing and sales. Art of business portraits is to make you look trustworthy and friendly so people contact you easily but also professional and smart.

Modeling Portfolio Package Darwin NT
Modeling Portfolio Package

For this package you doesn't necessary need to be a model but be ready to feel like one. With over a decade of experience in modeling and film industry, I am comfortable to say that I can make model from anyone! I work with every day girls and woman to make them feel beautiful and see themselves through a third person eye. After we do your makeup and hair I will take you to a beautiful location and teach you basics of modeling posing and body language. Also it's day full of fun and self care and I am sure your heart will be full from this experience.


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There are so many people in the world who have never had the opportunity to pursue the career they love. I’m not one of them. I love what I do and since starting my career in the Czech Republic, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve learned from so many trained professionals in my field. In all my jobs, I have been developing my organisational and creative skills . I enjoy the responsibility required and I love to be part of an awesome family that works together as one team and making dreams come true. Learn more about my most successful projects and my work experience.

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Photography Service Darwin
High end fashion photographer darwin nt

luxury Boutique

High End Fashion Photographer

My passion for fashion photography began with opportunity to take photos for High End Luxury Fashion boutique PINKHILL. I love to deliver something extra of a value to business I work for. I use Professional models for a high quality results that I am finding on my own and before I work with every model, I do a test photoshoot to build a relationship, find the best poses and makeup looks that suit them. I take my time to preciously choose locations with a great light and interesting background that compliment the clothing. I love to engage local businesses and venues to make customers see how the clothing looks at places where they go themselves. It makes the whole product more familiar and helps with sales. If you are curious about my high end photography experience, please feel free to find me on YouTube, where I share my behind the scenes from my projects, test photoshoots with new models. As a model myself I love to cat walk fashion shows and also organising them. As an ex modeling agency owner & founder I enjoy every opportunity to get back on stage or organise events that people talk weeks about. I love to challenge myself and I give all my projects 300 %.

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Do you have a negative self talk?

Are you feeling uncomfortable in your own body?

Do you feel often stressed with low energy?

I don’t just make you look beautiful from the outside but most importantly from the inside.


I went through a child physical and verbal abuse and also sexual abuse from my own family. My father divorced my mum the day I was born. Because they didn’t have a great relationship and I looked so like him, my mother used to say that I am ugly like my father and adopted his bad behavior. As a Teenager I had often suicidal thoughts and I was self harming. I also spent number of years in toxic and abusive relationships.


I started working on my spirituality, done a lots of healing work. Removed toxic people from my circuit and made new kind and supportive friends. I learned to love and appreciate my body for all the work done 24/7 to keep me well and healthy. I realized that the hard times I been through shaped me into loving and caring person who shine with self confidence and self love. It’s one of the hardest and the most rewarding journeys you can go through. By learning who you are and developing good habits you can change your whole point of view of yourself. Self trust is one of the most important things you can have and your life will change forever. You can ask me anything and I will give you tips and tricks of how I became the person I am so very proud of. Because you can do it too…


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