6 Essential and Affordable Salon Items Every Makeup Artist Needs

6 Essential and Affordable Salon Items Every Makeup Artist Needs

Salon essentials for makeup artists

Dear Artist, 

I have worked as a full-time makeup artist for over half a decade. I have been using these items daily. They are excellent quality and very affordable.

I am trying to make your start in the industry as easy as possible, so I found links for you where you can order them. Starting with these products was great value, and I still use them today.

I know they will serve you well. 

1. Ringlight

I would feel blind going to a client without a ring light. It’s a great tool to identify slight imperfections. Also, it’s great for matching foundations as you are using white light.

The round shape gives even light to the client’s face so that you can check the sides quickly. It’s also great for portrait photography. I especially love how it creates rings in people’s eyes.


Luvo store ring light

2. Director’s Chair

This is an act of self-love. You want to look after your back while making your clients feel comfortable. This chair has a perfect height for reaching client’s faces with your brush without bending over.

The film and Fashion industry uses this chair for celebrities and famous models. Your clients will feel special. You can fold this chair up and take it everywhere with you.


Director's chair for makeup artists

3. Makeup Kit

Your most important tool. Your kit must be big enough to accommodate all your products. Also, mobility is essential. Could you make sure it has wheels?

Makeup is very heavy. It also should have separate shelves and pockets for your fast application. You need to be able to find your products fast.


Pink makeup kit on wheels for makeup artists

4. Makeup Brushes

You don’t have to spend too much on brushes. The brushes that makeup schools usually recommend are super expensive, and after a while, they get very scratchy and uncomfortable for clients.

You can try more affordable soft brushes. My clients love them and always mention how nice and smooth they are.


makeup brushes with case

5. Makeup Dresser

If you would like to work from home, having a dresser will make your clients feel like in a professional salon.

This will allow your clients to see your work in progress and express questions and concerns while applying makeup.

Also, thanks to the perfect light, they will see themselves more beautiful than on a natural light, which works for both of you.

This is the only item I do not have at home because there was already a dresser when I moved.

Try this one out! It looks similar but better than the one I have at home.


Makeup dresser with light

6. Sponges

Please don’t buy sponges in your local shop. They are usually overpriced for individual use. You can find much cheaper with the same or better quality online.

Sponges should be soft, easy to expand, and absorb water. Never use sponges dry, as they will suck in all the product, and application will be much more challenging.

I love these sponges because of their warm, feminine color, softness, and ability to expand and apply the foundation easily.


beauty foundation sponges

Have a look at an example of how work with these products looks like:


In my next blog, I will share my most used makeup products. When you start, you usually buy more than you need and then figure out what works and what doesn’t. 

With my list, I will only recommend the products I use the most, which have been essential over the years, to have in my makeup kit. 


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